Consulting and System Integration

  • Custom designed software and realization of automatic control and measurement systems with application in large scale automatic production facilities.
  • Test and Measurements interfacing several type of¬† instrumentation in several contexts (EGSE, Anechoic chamber, distributed monitoring and control).
  • Software development with a deep knowledge in GIS (Geographical Information System). Development¬† from scratch and starting from open source applications (like World-Wind).
    Electro Magnetic Compatibility using Software simulation tools and measures on field.
  • Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) for monitoring of deformation of structures, a deep knowledge in this field has been gained thorough research and development in collaboration with INSEAN.
  • Knowledge of communication protocol HLA/DIS (protocols for distributed environment simulation, e.g. Virtual Battle Space)
  • A deep knowledge of National Instruments products: data acquisition, distributed monitoring, instrumentation control, post processing analyses.
  • Experience of working in defence sector (people have been involved in GALILEO-AIV phase, and in MEADS program for Software integration with a GIS)
  • Capability to manage projects in Space Sector, gained in several years of works in Cosmo Skymed and GALILEO programs.
  • Deep knowledge of protocols Adapt-3 with proprietary developed software and by mean of COTS like IRIS (message formatter used in battlefield communications)
  • Web Development (Content Management Systems, E-commerce and custom development)
  • Anechoic chamber: automatic positioning and acquisition of radiated pattern using Robot Arm (KUKA)
  • Test Bed for performance analysis of Avionic Antenna