Sistema di Test Rapido per Antenne Integrate in Microsatelliti
Rapid Test system for antennas integrated on microsatellites)

The success behind the large diffusion of microsatellites in the space field is due mainly to fast mission implementation and to the low overall costs, allowing the access to space also for SMEs and Research Institutes with small budgets.

The objective of this project is to develop a testing methodology with strong time and cost reduction for microsatellite Antenna Integration and Test Verification to further contribute to the cost effective use of microsatellites.

Three prototypes will be developed in this activity, regarding respectively the equivalent currents technique (INSIGHT), the raytracing method (SATSIM) and a system for  automatic image acquisition.

The project will be developed by Step Over srl and MVG Italy.

The project is cofounded by CE for an amount of 238.653,05 €.

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